What we do

Cloud software

We offer a business software catalogue for several SMB activities. Enjoy now the advantages of software as a service: easy setup and onboarding, no maintenance, access from any device, cost efectiveness...
  • TransOptima: An integrated solution for small transport companies. Delivery, freight and others. Click here to learn more.
  • AcadOptima: Academy and learning center management. Print your invoices, keep track of payments, attendance and tests

IT Consulting

We bring you the experience of more than 30 years working in the fields of software development and telecommunications. We know the strenghts (and weaknesses) of each technology so we can advice the best solution for your needs. Apart from our own resources for implementation, we are part of a wide professional network covering every related field from graphic design to video production. All in a transparent and agile way, without bureaucracies nor unnecesary procedures. Because we understand that at the end of the day, you want systems that perform.

Software development

We tackle IT solutions implementation from the ground up: be it a corporative web, an online media site, a mobile app, server maintenance or a custom business application. We have the knowledge and resources required to take your project to its successful completion, and to provide support once it's up and running.


The party has moved to the web and there is no turning back. The Internet is no longer a nice add-on for your business or organization, but the place where people sells, buys, meet, advertise, look for information... and this is just the begginning. But having a website is not enough. It's just one element of many that that make up an efficient communication strategy. It might have an impressing design, but if no one comes to visit it, it's useless.
We help you with positioning, management, we advice you about the contents - and we produce them if you wish. We design AdWords and Facebook campaigns. All what you need in order to make your website an instrument that puts you in touch with your customers and presents the best image of your business.