Our extensive experience with a wide array of programming languages and platforms allows us to select the best tool for your projects.


When you need an online media site capable of managing and clasifying thousands of articles from multiple authors, and a highly customizable and expandable system, Drupal is the platform of choice. An efficient and fully scalable CMS able to handle high traffic volumes. Used by world class websites like The Economist.

Info[Optima] takes care of your Drupal installation and configuration. And if you need a custom development, we also have the required know-how.



The best platform for a corporate website, a mini or microsite, or a blog. Its simple management interface, endless customization possibilities and quick setup have made of WordPress the most popular content management system.


The most widely used operating system – even when you don’t always see it! Preferred for servers and mobile devices (as Android). Robust, expandable and with a huge library of open source software available. We know it in depth, and we can tune it in order to get the most out of your hardware.

Amazon Web Services

The most flexible and reliable way for having a server according to your needs, with the best availability, network and security features.


A solid and reliable foundation for enterprise-class application development.